This beautiful black swan is our new model Moe. Besides being a good friend, her unique style, gorgeous tattoos and her statuesque height at 5'7" (compared to the average Liliput shorties on the Revolver staff) we think she is a perfect example of all the stunning eclectic beauty you can find in the Bay Area. Strong, sexy and smart.

Moe is a hairstylist in the Bay Area, making people feel refreshed with her talented hands for the past 5 years.  On her own time, she is a photographer who hosted many photo exhibits around the East Bay and is part of a film photography collective called NIGHTED. Featuring her distinct, gritty perspective, much of her work features candid images of her life and friends in the Bay.

Besides her creative interests, she is hugely addicted to the new This American Life podcast spinoff show Serial. You should check it out!

See Moe's instagram for her work in sculpting beautiful coifs @hairbymoe

Her inspirations and photography can be found HERE. She is also the featured photographer at George Kaye's in Oakland for the whole month of November.






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