Our good friend Thomas Newbury, of Reveille Coffee CO stepped into the studio today and we thought we would take this chance to give a short introduction to one of the guys behind our new favorite coffee spots. 

Reveille began humbly as a coffee cart before expanding into a brick and mortar location in North Beach on Columbus Avenue, and most recently has opened a beautiful new location in the Castro. Serving Four Barrel coffee and a changing menu of breakfast and lunch bites, it’s definitely worth a visit. 

So how do we pronounce ‘Reveille’,  I’m pretty sure I’ve been saying it wrong for a while.

Reveille is a French word meaning to awaken, or woken up. It’s pronounced reh-vay.

I know you work in your shops regularly, what keeps you motivated and what do you enjoy about being in the coffee business? 

Meeting new people everyday is the best part of being in the shop and what keeps me enjoying work. 

What are your non-coffee related hobbies?  

Surfing has recently become my favorite past time. 

What are your regular spots? 

A good friend has a beautiful family home on Stinson beach, Linda Mar and Pacifica are also spots where I’m likely to be found on my days off. 

Last question,  What are your top three lifestyle influences.

In no particular order, soccer jersey’s, palm trees and rap music.

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