Designer Profile: Jenn Lui

Q: Tell us a bit about your line.

A: A company that seeks to combine two elements that fundamentally clash, but when paired together, are a match made in heaven. Intwined proves that opposites attract and can form a beautiful piece that strangely matches. Our bow ties are as unique as the personalities that wear them. They are dressy accessories that can fit into a classy affair or add class to something as simple as a Sunday stroll in the park.Intwined. A Playful Sophistication.

Q: Colors, patterns, and pairing them — how do you choose them?

A: I’ve always been a lover of textiles and colors. When I’m in a fabric store, they call out to me and I have a tendency to buy a lot of fabric without knowing what I’m going to pair with it. When I start pairing things together, I choose one fabric that I’m in love with and then surround myself with fabrics that are possible matches. Afterwards, I look through my massive pile of fabrics to find the perfect match.

Q: So, you make each bow tie by hand, all yourself, which gives a “quality control” to the assembly. How important is controlling the quality vs. producing more with additional sewers?

A: I live by the quote “Quality over quantity”. I’m sure if I had additional sewers, there can still be a way to maintain great quality control but I feel that would lose a personal touch – which is really important to me.

Q: What kind of man/woman do you design for?

A: I design for men/women that are fashion conscious, quirky and are open to trying new things. Anyone can wear a bow tie, it’s just a matter of confidence.

Q: When’s the right time to wear a bow tie?

A: I don’t think there’s necessarily a “right” time to wear a bow tie. You can wear it for a casual Sunday brunch, for a date, or for a wedding. Bowties can be for all occasions, any seasons, anytime, anywhere. In the end, it’s the matter of how you will pair your bowtie with your outfit.

Q: Bow ties are a steady classic — do you see them prevailing in future fashion? And how do you think they might change?

A: I definitely see them prevailing in future fashion. Younger demographic are slowly embracing the idea of bow ties. Often times, I hear mumbles of, “Bow ties are cool, but I don’t know how to wear one.” or “I’d wear one but I don’t think I can pull it off”. Bow ties are trending, but the trend has definitely not reached it’s peak yet. I think people will learn to wear it more casually in the future and will experiment with brighter colors/prints.

Q: You’re a designer, but also an entrepreneur. How do you manage both the creative and business side to your craft?

A: I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy. Having a good balance between work and play is very important. I usually work my bow ties for 12-14 hours a day but I would take the next day off to run some errands and relax. It is stressful at times but I’m very passionate with what I do and I have fun doing it. I feed off of other people’s enthusiasm – when I see how excited people get when they see my bow ties, it’s worth all the stress.

Jenn’s handmade bowties and clips at Revolver.

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