Designer Profile: Danielle Teller

Meet San Francisco’s very own jewelry designer and entreprenuer, Danielle Teller, who’s line Adoura Demode, offers one-of-a-kind pieces that “combine yesterday’s treasures with today’s trends.”

Designer Name: Danielle Teller
Brand Name: Adoura Demode
Current City: San Francisco
Hometown: Snoqualmie, WA

Q: Tell us a bit about your line.
A: Adoura Demode is a line of reconstructed vintage jewelry that combines yesterday’s treasures with today’s trends. Mixing old and new… Adoura Demode is a culmination of: lost relics, mixed metals, keepsakes and doodads that all have their place in time and a special story to tell. No mass production, no molds… This line is just simply unique and free of constraints… Run wild

Q: When do you know when a piece is finished?
A: I lay out all of my materials that I plan using for a piece… Some go and some stay. My design process is actually very chaotic, unlike my room. I know a piece is done when it feels right, lays right, and fits what I had envisioned in my head.

Q: How did you begin crafting jewelry?
A: Ever since I was a little kid I always made jewelry. It wasn’t until I was 20 that I started selling in stores. I just had a lot of old parts that I reworked. My friends and family all loved my creations and encouraged me to put myself out there. I had no formal training, just tons of practice.

Q: Do you design with the end in mind, or let the design flow as you go?
A: It really depends. Sometimes I get inspired for a piece and can see a clear end in sight. Other times I don’t design with a specific direction but amazing ideas come to me once I have all of my materials in front of me.

Q: Where do you get the pieces you incorporate into your jewelry?
A: Here and there…Ghost Town, USA

Q: Do you design for men or women?
A: AD has always been for the ladies, but lately I have been doing a lot of the 70’s unit construction style which can be unisex. Also, AD’s men’s line will debut in the Spring at our brand new boutique, Afterlife, at 988 Valencia. I am really excited to tackle a men’s line.

Q: How do you choose the metals you use and why? Why not gold, silver, etc.?
A: I like using a combination of brass, copper, silver and some gold. Adoura Demode mainly strives for the less polished and refined look. The Natural tones of copper and brass compliment the antique charms I find and help make my designs more affordable for the customer. I do use gold and silver depending on what best suites the charms I find.

Q: What era would you say your designs are specific to?
A: It is specific to now. Now more than ever I feel a demand for nostalgia… A romanticized past. What is stylish now is actually based off of past styles. Today’s designs are nothing more than thoughts and ideas that have already been executed in the past, however, Adoura Demode completely deconstructs past styles and makes them relevant to current trends. I am not totally ready for the future, or at least not futuristic jewelry. That is what makes this line special… I get to pick and choose what to romanticize.

Q: Who are your favorite craftsmen/jewlers?
A: My very favorite is Lisa Levine…

To get your hands on a one-of-a-kind Adoura Demode piece, stop by Revolver.

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