Canadian artist Jessica Eaton’s photographs dissect chemical and optical phenomena, the materiality of film, and the language of light itself. Like the majority of Eaton’s works, these optically charged images are made by taking multiple in-camera exposures.

Through her abundant use of traditional analog photography practices—such as colour-separation filtering and in-camera masking—Eaton imbues her large-format images with an aesthetic more reminiscent of the paintings and drawings of hard-edge geometric abstraction than the photographs of traditional studio work. 

"1898 by French magician, filmmaker and the god father of special effects, Georges Méliès."

I am inspired by the magical potential of the photographic medium in conversation with the phenomena of light and time. Since the very invention of photography people have found ways to manipulate the medium. I am continually inspired by the great accomplishments made over a century ago - Jessica Eaton


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