There is this beautiful, special little shop in Berkeley which has, in our opinion, the most superbly curated vintage pieces in the Bay Area. It is called James Rowland Shop. It is where all of the ethereal beauties we know find their most prized vintage Yohji Yamamoto dresses and Robert Clergerie platforms. Where we can reminisce over the things that we would dream about back when we were 90s babies trying to work with what we had (no curves to fill them).

We are all filled out now, but we still thrift and wear vintage. And why wear used clothing? Vintage is well-crafted, often showing the skill and artistry that has recently been clouded by fast fashion. Vintage is memories, like when you were a tween trying to look all Miu Miu Fall 1997. Vintage is history, an outlet to actually wear what historical looks define you as you are now. And nothing feels better than mixing beautiful vintage clothing with the small, independent designers we love at our own shop.

All of us at the Revolver/Voyager shop notoriously mix our own clothing with JRS finds. So, it seems only natural for us to have our next pop-up with this Bay Area treasure trove. We can collaborate and feature some carefully selected wonders, from their shop to ours.

The pop-up will also feature their own in-house pieces. A collection of furry clutches that rival the soft coat of your own animal. And, hands down, the most comfortable minimal 90's-inspired heels.

Dreams truly come true. See you at the opening party!

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