Design Profile: Susan Hoff

A gem we came across in our very own San Francisco is Susan Hoff, a designer who creates handcrafted bags and accessories using reclaimed sailcloth and horse reins. The design, the craftsmanship, the character of each bag…truly brilliant.

Take a look at the following Q&A to get a better look into Susan’s designer-mind and line of work.

Q: Tell us about your line.

I craft bags and other accessories from reclaimed sailcloth and horse reins. The designs are inspired by the materials I work with and are meant to be functional with a clean and enduring fresh aesthetic.

Q: What are your main influences?

My influences mostly derive from nature – I love to be outside and am inspired by the colors and textures I see around me: a hulking grass-covered granite island emerging from the fog, slate smooth from years of lapping tides, or the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds after a hard rain. I am also influenced by functionality. If I need something, I make it. Usually those designs make their way into the collection at hand.

Q: How has your past affected your design and craft?

My past comes through in all my work. From growing up on a Midwestern horse farm to my time spent instructing sailing expeditions on the coast of Maine, the materials that have surrounded me my whole life are the materials I use to create. I was also raised with an appreciation for giving old materials new life. When I was at a formative age, my parents bought a nearly-condemned stone farmhouse that we endeavored to restore as a family for the next 6 years. My family and I spent many hours uncovering hidden beauty in something most people regarded as worthless. The same is true for the sails and reins I work with now. I cherish rugged materials with history and appreciate the character that scars and years of wear produce.

Q: Why bags?

I make bags because I love bags. With so much room to experiment with styles and materials, bags are a great outlet for my design cravings, plus they are endlessly useful. One can never have too many bags.

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  • Joe on

    Wow! So authentic – I really have a lot of respect for young people taking the world by its horns and making their passions come to life. Susan Hoff is going to have a huge influence on fashion and design I predict.

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