People probably forget that San Francisco is the birthplace and home of iconic and very innovative fashion businesses like the Gap and Levi's. Other designers have their roots here too. Alexander Wang started his first collection of women's knits at the age of 15 in San Francisco. The Mulleavy sisters were from the Santa Cruz area and are both alumni of UC Berkeley. Like a lot of our metropolitan counterparts, San Francisco and the Bay Area is a place for people with vision. It's just a forgotten fact.

From these roots, there is a growing community of young multidisciplinary designers, makers, artists, stylists, and pioneers who are building, crafting and redefining the Bay Area identity in fashion. Tailor and Stitch, Ali Golden, First Rite, Marisa Haskell and many many more. They inspire us everyday and we are honored to give several of them a place in our shop.

Our latest addition is San Francisco based Materials + Process. Industrial designer Christine Mercelino founded M+P that has both a functional simplicity and an aesthetic allure. These beautifully handcrafted leather goods are proudly added to our roster of talented makers and we cannot wait to see what else M+P has in store for the future.

At Materials + Process we find inspiration in the elemental beauty of materials and the processes that transform their sentiment. We coax the grace and elegance of materials through craft and thoughtful deliberation, carefully honing the design of each of our products until the honest simplicity of purpose reveals itself. Our intention is to create enduring products that intimately reflect individuality and creativity, while keeping pace with a modern lifestyle.

Our mission is to design and craft thoughtful, quality products for the modern nomad and frontiersman. By recognizing essential functionality and using authentic materials, we naturally build longevity into our products. Through our work we cultivate and inspire thought through our artisanship.

Stop by both Voyager and Revolver to experience Christine's lovely leather goods in person (coming soon to the webshop as well).

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