One of our favorite collaborations is between the great director Ingmar Bergman and his cinematographer Sven Nykvist. By sharing each others ideas, vision and craft, Bergman and Nykvist created some of the most famous visual tours de forces in cinemagraphic history. With over 120 films, including Persona, Scenes From a Marriage, and Fanny and Alexander, it is the power of two close friends clasping hands, supporting each other and putting their minds together that reminds us that collaborative efforts with the ones we love can often be the most rewarding.

We couldn't help but think one good example of this kind of creative collaboration is between the ladies behind the Texas-based line, Hai. Full of loose, easy fits in superb fabrics, Hai is utterly lovely. 

Their linen collection is our absolute favorite. A weighty linen with a streamlined, relaxed styling. It is the simplicity and the crisp, neutral palette that makes us want to share them with all our Revolver friends again and again and again...

"Hai was formed by Chrissy Paszalek and Karen Sharkey in the Spring of 2013 in Austin, Texas. Rather than structure individual collections around the mood of one season, they design their collections around a fabric, fiber, or texture that inspires them.
Each piece is designed to give fluidity to the label as a whole allowing individual pieces to be mixed and matched with any collection."

shop Hai HERE.

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