Beer for Life at Black Sands

If you already haven't heard, we are huge beer aficionados, so much our next venture is in a new brewery project in the Lower Haight this summer called Black Sands. It will be a brewery, bar and home brew supply shop all in one!

To built support for this project, we are giving out free beer for life. Yes, you read that correctly! We thought we were crazy too. Literally free pints for the rest of your life at their brewery for a single donation.

Beer for Life at Black Sands

Black Sands is a brewery, bar, and home brew supply store opening in San Francisco in Summer 2014.  

We're running a campaign to garner support for our new Lower Haight Brewery and to give out the deal of the life time: Free Beer for Life! - Literally free pints for the rest of your life at our brewery!

For Beer Lovers by Beer Lovers

Black Sands is a place for beer lovers and beer makers. We use the supplies we sell in our store to brew the beer we serve at the bar. We also offer a selection of local beers, wines, and meads, as well as California-inspired dishes and freshly brewed Front Coffee for the morning commute.

For those venturing into the world of homebrewing, we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide brewers of all experience levels with an easy, open environment where they can find the ingredients, equipment, and knowledge they need to brew great beer. 

Our head brewer, Cole, has more than a decade of experience in professional and homebrewing setups. He's passionate about making small scale crafted beverages for a wide palette. A brewery is also about community, and we're proud to be part of the Bay Area brewing community and the Lower Haight Neighborhood. We're working with the community on this project!

We’re planning to open our doors in Summer 2014, and as part of our crowd funding effort, we’re offering you the deal of a lifetime—literally. 

The Black Sands Beer for Life program rewards anyone who invests $100 or more with one free pint of beer at Black Sands every month for life. That simple. 

Choose between Lagers, Ales, IPAs, Porters, Stouts and other types of beer all made on site. You can check into our location (701 Haight St.) via a mobile application that allows you to redeem your monthly pint. All funds raised in this effort will go directly into our operation, into new equipment and new build outs for our project. 

Thanks for your support. Come see us this summer. Beer’s on us!

How it will work!

Black Sands supporters will be able to redeem their free monthly beer with our mobile application. If the campaign closes successfully we'll send you a download code and link. You'll login and come to Black Sands and redeem your beer in person at our location! That simple! No tricks, no gimmicks. You can choose from one of our many beers including IPAs, Stouts, Porters, and more. There will also be reminders and little specials for early supporters through the app. 

Why IndieGoGo?

Our beers are available in small batches at Black Sands Brewery and Bar. We are located at 701 Haight Street, San Francisco and will be open in Summer 2014.  We want to offer an opportunity to enable people to support local small scale manufacturing in the United States but at more accessible price points. Quality is expensive but if we can garner your support for upfront production and equipment costs, it will enable us to meet and batch production to lower pricing.  Everyone wins! We also hope you'll stay around and support us by having dinner and more!

Risks and Challenges?

San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world to conduct business in and be part of-- however, building codes, permits, and the inspection process can be a bit of a Byzantine labyrinth. 

Luckily we have an amazing team with experienced architects, permit expediators, furniture builders and brewers all working together. We're working with the best in opening this bar.

Luckily we also have experience from our other restaurants and retail stores and have used that experience in this project.

This project has been designed within the guidelines and regulations of the City and the County of San Francisco. We are fully confident in our team of professionals to navigate through all necessary measures. 

Current Status: Construction - Test Brewing!

We've about half way through to build out. Our brewers permits and constructions permits are literally about to be issued. Our beer equipment is here and is being test batched. Furniture and construction is on going. Our new glass windows and exterior are going to be installed shortly and our kitchen equipment is here sitting in our warehouse ready to be installed following sound proofing and dry wall repair. We're already test brewing on equipment and have been giving out samples and brew lessons at We're exited about where we are and will be posting updates of progress here and on our social media accounts! 

As for the mobile app: we have a prototype running and are testing out the final bugs! Everything is set for a summer 2014 launch! 


Learn more about our operation, see pictures and updates at

On Twitter @BlackSandsBeer

To stay up-to-date with our campaign, please follow us! 

Please also tell all your friends and have them tell all their friends! And if you are press or have a blog feel free to link to this page or use anything from our site! You can also call us with questions or email us!


- Why only 1 perk?

We think the Beer for Life program is an awesome deal! With most beers selling for 5 to 8 dollars, this is literally the deal of a lifetime! No one needs more t-shirts, and stickers will be free on site!

- What is your capacity like?

We have an American Made 9 Barrel Brew Capacity System. This enables us to ferment 9 barrels of beer at a time. We'll usually have 3 to 4 beers of our creation on tap plus more in bottles. We have our wholesale accounts for quick delivery of our grains, yeast and hops, and many are local! If things get busy we can run our brew system up to 3 times a week and keg. We also have plenty of brewing supplies and ingredients for sale in our retail shop for you to brew your own beer!

- Does the Beer For Life program expire?

Nope. If you are a supporter - its forever. Unless we close as a business. We're going to support you and you'll be able to redeem beers on location forever.

- Do beers need to be consumed on site?

Yes, pints will be served on site and must be consumed on site - this is the law in California.

- You guys will have a full bar right? Can I upgrade to other types of drinks?

The beer for life program only supports beer made by Black Sands. While we will serve other beers and spirits you cannot use the program for anything but our house made beer! 

- What about Food?

We invite you to enjoy our restaurant with local food options made with fresh ingredients. Small pub food.

- Do we brew any non-alcoholic Beers?

Currently all our beers have alcohol. If this changes we'll invite you to participate in our non alcoholic beers too!

- What about Tips?

Tips are not included in the beer for life program. We invite you to support bar tenders and waiters with the customary American tip for drinks. Usually a $1 or $2 per beer is more than enough.  The tip goes directly to the bar tender and not to Black Sands.

- Can I share my Beer For Life Program with Friends?

We love that you want to bring friends to Black Sands, but supporters can only claim the free monthly pint for themselves. Supporter logins are tied to their individual name but please do invite your friends to also participate! 

- I missed a month? Do I get to drink 2 beers the next?

Our beer program does not bank. You'll have plenty of time to drink our beers and the application will send you reminders when your free beer is available.

- Do I have to live in San Francisco to enjoy this program? 

Nope - we invite supporters from around the world. Try our beers during visits or know that your support is enabling high quality beers to be enjoyed by many!

- What about the iPhone App? Is Android and Windows Phone supported too? 

Yes - we support all major mobile platforms. There is a native iOS client for iPhones and mobile web version for non iOS supporters. Depending on demand we will port the app to other platforms.

- What other entitlements does the program entail?

We love our supporters - Black Sands Beer for Life members will also be invited to special events, early tastings, classes, discount programs and other rewards! 

Drink Responsibly!

See Black Sands Terms and Conditions @

More information @

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