Dillon Montara Kickstarter


We're big supporters of local brands, and wanted to share with you the Kickstarter for the Mission Made Dillon Montara clothing that we support that recently launched a kickstarter.

Dillon Montara is a denim collection rooted in Northern California - between Dillon Beach north of San Francisco and Montara with its rough hallow beauty south of the City.

It is a Denim Line made for surfers, makers, tinkers, thinkers, dreamers and doers. People who take love and take pride in the small details, who worship tradition but know how to keep things moving forward.

We love denim because even after all these years it keeps us motivated, it keeps us guessing. Denim is a live infinite product that keeps us aiming to improve and improve. Something special that grows from a raw material in our factory to being part of your daily life and practice.

Support this independent line and get some great deals doing so!

Jeans, shirts, jackets, all at amazing deals on the Dillon Montara Kickstarter

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