Voyager Pop-Up: Groove Merchant

Cool Chris Groove Merchant music Press: Works on Paper records

Some of us here at Revolver/Voyager are HUGE RECORD NERDS. Nothing can be more satisfying than spending hours digging in crates till the tips of our fingers turn dusty black. 45's, 10", 12" and those hard-to-find out of print titles that you can't believe you spent half your paycheck on because you just "had to have it." It is an addiction and Cool Chris is your pusher man.

We are so stoked to bring you a pop-up with a record store praised by DJs, producers and record nerds from all over the world, Groove Merchant. Owner Cool Chris and his team of vinyl heads are bringing bins and bins of smooth grooves to ease the vinyl addict's ache for more.

On top of that, we have our favorite book shop, Press: Works on Paper, curating some amazing music related books accompanying our mini record store to sooth the eyes as well.

Come by Voyager and start digging!

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