Happy Birthday Hermann Rorschach!

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Today is the 129th birthday of Hermann Rorschach, the guy behind the famous ink blot personality test (weirdly, he also looks like our very own Robert, but that is for another kind of analysis!)

Besides being a revolutionary Freudian psychiatrist and master of psychoanalysis, he also has deep roots in the creative arts. Rorschach had a extraordinary childhood, rich in intellectual, artistic and cultural stimulation. His father, a local art teacher, encouraged young Hermann to paint and draw. He was even koo koo for Klecksography (a Swiss childhood game of creating images out of ink blots). So much that he won the childhood nickname of Klecks.

In 1917, He was the first researcher to use inkblots in analyzing how patients projected their own associations onto seemingly random stimuli. By viewing these abstract blobs, he was able to develop one of the most famous and recognizable tools of psychoanalysis.

By the 1960s, long after his death, Rorschach's ink blot test was the most prominently used projective test in the US. Though sometimes seen as controversial, the test is still used today in courtrooms, schools, hospitals and jails to assess emotional issues.

To celebrate his birthday, we will be rocking his famous ink blobs, reinterpreted in this season's Wood Wood collection. We've thrown together a couple of our favorite looks for a variety of stylish personality types.

Wood Wood Violetta Shirt in blot white

Wood Wood Violetta Shirt in blot whiteMaison Scotch Long Tailored Jacket, First Rite Silk Rolled Trousers in blackMiista Pandora Boots in black

First Rite Raglan Contrast Blouse in cream & black, Wood Wood Kim Pants in blot print, stylists own socks and boots

Wood Wood Kim Pants in blot print, Hope Grand Sweater in black (sold out), Shannon South Tote Bag (in-store only), Chamula beanie (in-store only), Miista Allison shoe

NY Hat Co Felt Fedora in Grey, Wood Wood Jolette Longsleeve Pullover in SandWood Wood Kim Pants in blot print, Chaussure Lapin Lace up Oxford in camel, Reid Damnit Clutch (sold out)

Happy birthday Hermann! We love your ink blots!


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